Why create an email preference centre?

Email marketing preference centre

What is an email preference centre?

An email preference centre can be added to your email management system, allowing an email marketing campaign manager to customise the subscription experience for the audience. The preference centre offers subscribers the ability to tailor the content they receive using a branded web application that’s quick and user-friendly.

Benefits of an email preference centre

Whilst you can legally send ‘customers’ transactional emails without the ability to opt out, you must make it easy for them to ‘unsubscribe’ from marketing emails. However, providing only a single link for a binary (in/out) choice could mean losing them as a lead for good. Much better to give them a preference centre with options to customise their marketing experience, putting them in control of how often you communicate, and what topics they are interested in. This allows you to reap the rewards, for example:

Reduced unsubscribes / 69% of people unsubscribe from business emails because they are sent too often and 56% because the content is not relevant to them. Without a preference centre, recipients can either unsubscribe, or worse report the email as spam, both of which will remove them from all future emails (or it should do). Giving them a choice significantly reduces the chance of their opting out altogether.

Improved showcase / If you have multiple email lists, audiences, segments or email types (and you should have), your email preference centre is a great way to showcase them, allowing subscribers to self-select the ones they are interested in. This shows intent and could be used to trigger an automated email sequence.

Better segmentation and personalisation / Asking subscribers about their interests and preferences improves segmentation, removing some of the guesswork from future email marketing campaigns and making them more targeted, more personal and more relevant. It’s not all about new subscribers either – take the time to engage your current customer base.

Improve delivery / Reduction in unsubscribes, spam reports, etc gained by setting up a preference centre not only reduces the risk of being blacklisted, but also stops recipients auto filtering emails using fake addresses, so more emails get to the intended recipient more of the time.

Increased engagement / Most importantly, giving options builds a transparent and respectful relationship with customers, helping to keep them willing recipients. This, coupled with better segmentation and personalisation, improves response rates and allows you to send more marketing messages more often.

Are you compliant? / Are you importing email addresses into new lists for each campaign? If a recipient unsubscribes, what happens?